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Hi Folks and Downloaders,

My name is Alexander Weidauer. I'm programming pascal and pascal related languanges since 1988 and have written and collected several numbers routines and algorithms in these language. I prefer this language group, because it is type exact, unique in syntax explanation and relative fast in terms of translation and linking but not so flexible like C.

Unfortunally it is not so wide extended in algorithm development and scientific applications. FORTRAN and C are here the most used implementation languages. A second phenomenon is a regional split between the relative frequently usage of pascal compilers in europe and a more or less neglectable usage of pascal and pascal related languanges overseas.

With the upcoming object oriented implementation of pascal dialects like Oberon, Turbo/Borland Pascal 5.5-7.0 and at least Delphi, there are attractive languages available to develop rapidly complex applications without dealing burdensome things like declaring modules (#ifndef foo_h #define foo_h #endif) to prevent double compilation. On the other hand they are haster than Java and I hope (in some years available on more then two platform (..see Kylix).

I'm not fanatic about this languages. I' think good programmer should master more than one language to be able to understand and read former developed modules, algorithms etc.

At this page I publish some stuff which is programmed or transleted to Delphi V, or has a APplication Interface (API) via using DLL or ActiveX for 32 Bit Windows operation systems. Sorry in Kylix development for LINUX is not aimed jet but if I have a little bit more time I will look in the LINUX specialties. So now I'm not so fit or better a beginner at Kylix/LINUX development.

The intention of this site is to publish algorithms and solutions for Delphi which are essential in scientific use in the UNIX world and mostly written in ANSI-C. The center of interest is the port of geomertical and graphical routines as well as statistical and pattern classification. Both groups are related to a complex description, descretization and understanding of 2,3 or n dimensional objects like sets, grids or bodies etc.

I've a "special philosophy" to dial with 3 derscretization shemes and to switch between them in terms of their best algorithmic effort. Three point declare a triplex and so I call the whole thig TriplexWare. Here the discrtizatrion shemes whith thier efforts, while each sheme is certainly not complete pointed out:

  1. Triangulation:
  2. Raster or Grid (descretization). L1
  3. Polygons, Faces etc.

So enough whith theoretical and intentional bubbling. Come in and sneak a little bit in codes and samples you are invited.

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Geoscientific related stuff

Port of the UNIX application TRIANGLE written by Jonathan Richard Shewchuk for DELPHI use under Window NT


Port of the UNIX application PROJ Tookit and core API written by written by Gerald Evenden and maintained by Frank Warmerdam

 .. to PROJ Tookit and core API  

Several Contouring routines published by Nicholas Yue and Paul D. Bourke (rough line code) and M. Weber contouring as open and closed polygons.

 ..to several contouring routines 

Delphi API to the ArcView®; shape format vie the OpenSource Shapelib-1.2.9 library written by Frank Warmerdam.

 ..to Delphi ShapeLibAPI 

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Graphical related stuff

Autoscaling routine for chart axis

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Printer debugging and storage tool version 1.0

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PDF Lib - Lite Delphi - API, BETA Version

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Mathematical related stuff

Continous bezier splining by given polygon

Source and Example code for the creation of bezier splines by given set of polygons

 source and demo code bezier.zip 35 kByte  
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Usefull Links to sources, documents and ressources

Links for sourcecodes and libraries

The sourceforge with the great repository of applications, sources and libraries projects!


The mothers of best commercial/opensource pascal/delphi compiler and their very open mind for own and open source!


The delphi superpage, a early started source broker. Now I think it is a little bit full! But never than less very good.


Ok, I'm german and here the german document, library, source and application repository.


Don't do things twice ..look first into the internet ..mostly for mathmatics. Yes often needed, seldom found! .

 ..Sources of Numerical Analysis Code in Pascal 
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Links for Algorithms and and their explanation

If you deal with GIS, graphics and geomerty, you should look at first to classify your problem.

 The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository 

A overview of computational geometry sites, documentationsand a very active teaching grooup you can find under these three links.

 ..Directory of Computational Geometry Software 
 ..Computational Geometry Pages 
 ..Geometry in Action  

If handle triangles, convex hulls, quad and octrees you should'n miss the page of Robert Schneider's Mesh Generation & Grid Generation repository.

 ..Robert Schneider's Mesh Generation repository  

Yes, and this men seems to sleep not. I think he is a project collector, ..maker and a workoholic and produces fine stuff. Never miss this if you deal with triangles and related to this ..the GTS.

 .. Jonathan Shewchuks home pages.  
 ..GTS - GNU Triangulated Surface Library  
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  -II/2002 Alexander Weidauer